Wall Hide Equipment

The equipment that you will need to for Wall Hide Training are six soft-plastic bead containers that are approximately 1 ½ Inches x 1 ½ inches by ½ Inches.  (You can actually use any shape or size of container, just don’t select one that is too big because we want to somewhat reduce visual. I have used plastic Kodak film containers with great success but they are hard to find as no one buys film anymore!).  Each box should have an attached lid.  You will drill holes in the attached lid and one drill hole in the top edge of the container.  Twist in a screw eye bolt into the top hole and tie a 5-6 foot long string onto the bolt.  You will place your Al Fresca Sausage directly into the container.  Secure the container with a rubber band if the lid keeps popping open.  Attach the containers to a wall with duct tape.  Position the duct tape about 3 to 4 feet above the container itself.  Adjust the height of the container by pulling the string up or down under the duct tape.  The container should be placed right at nose level of the dog.

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