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Gail and Bacco

As the instructor at Scentinel Nose Work Dog Training, I have worked with horses and dogs all of my life.  I rode horses professionally for many years after graduating from college and I gave horseback riding lessons up through the advanced levels in dressage and in Three-Day Eventing.  When I moved to Massachusetts to go to law school, my training interests shifted to working with search and rescue (SAR) dogs and, over the past twenty years, I have attended over one hundred workshops and seminars from some of the most preeminent detection dog trainers in the country in my quest to learn how best to train independent, focused, reliable and efficient detection dogs.

To date, I have trained and certified three dogs as wilderness live find search dogs, two dogs to the State Advanced Level.  One of these dogs I also trained and certified twice at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Advanced Level Live Find Disaster Dog Evaluation.  Another dog I trained and certified twice to the State Advanced Level in Human Remains Detection.  Currently, I am the founder and Training Director for the Massachusetts Rescue and Recovery K9 Unit and the Chairperson of, and a Live Find and Cadaver Dog Evaluator with, the Massachusetts State Search and Rescue Federation.   I also am a Canine Handler with FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue, Massachusetts Task Force 1 as well as a FEMA Lead Live Find Disaster Dog Evaluator and a Recovery Disaster Dog Evaluator. In these capacities, I have worked with numerous SAR dogs over the years and I have freely shared my knowledge and experience, helping many people achieve their SAR certifications.  In recognition of my consistent dedication to the promotion of volunteer canine SAR in Massachusetts and to the training I give my dogs and to my fellow handlers, the Massachusetts State Senate awarded me a “Massachusetts State Senate Citation,” a legislative award of distinction.

Gail McCarthy, CNWIAs a NACSW Faculty Member, I have instructed at many of the K9 Nose Work™ Training Camps held in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Colorado and will be teaching this year at the Oregon K9NW Camp.  I also serve as a NACSW Judge and Certifying Official for NACSW sanctioned K9 Nose Work™ Competition Trials.  I have been teaching K9 Nose Work™ classes for several years now and I bring my past training experience to my students, many of whom now are among New England’s top title holders in K9 Nose Work™.  I also am the Instructor of Anne and K9 Rockit, who obtained their NW3 Elite Title,  making Anne and K9 Rockit the only NW3 Elite Team on the East Coast and one of the few Teams on the East Coast to participate in this year’s NACSW National Invitationals.  Please see the “Accolades Page” of my website www.scentinelnosework.com for a listing of my students’ successes in K9 Nose Work™.   Congratulations to all!!!

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