Class Logistics and Equipment List






Scentinel Nose Work Dog Training is thrilled to offer a six-week course entitled,“K9 Nose Work Class Level I: Introduction to Hunting.” We know that this training will be the start of a new canine training adventure for you and that these classes will serve to strengthen the working relationship between you and your companion dog.

To maximize your training experience, we would like to ask you to review the following Logistical Information and to bring the equipment as identified on the following Equipment List.  If there is any equipment that you don’t have, please email Gail at and we can discuss where you can obtain the necessary equipment.

The Logistics for each class is as follows:

  • K9 Nose Work classes are unique in that only one dog will work at a time and there can be no other dogs in the room while the dog is searching. This is because a dog will only search when that dog feels safe and the dog may not feel comfortable when another dog is in the room.  Equally important, a dog will only search well when that dog is focused on his work and the presence of another dog in the room may be too distracting to that dog.  So, only one dog will be trained at a time.
  • Detection dog training also is unique in that you cannot “drill” a detection dog.  Rather, the training needs to empower the dog and must be designed to leave the dog wanting more.  To do that, we will be training the dog in quick short bursts. Over time, the dog will be able to search for longer period of times but, at the start of your dog’s training, you will be building your dog’s “willingness to search for you” by training at home for only five to six minutes per day.  And, in class, you may only work your dog ten minutes or so.  But, when not working your dog, you should watch the other dogs work so that you begin to educate “your eye” as to when a dog is hunting and when that dog is not.
  • When not working your dog, you may bring and set up your own crate in the training facility. Alternately, you may keep your dog in your car when not working your dog. But, only stage your dog in your car if you can provide proper ventilation, shade and water, and use equipment designed to cool the interior of your vehicle as necessary.  If it is hot outside, we recommend that you bring a crate that you can set up in the training facility.
  • As you will need to organize your equipment at the start of each class and as your K9 Nose Work Instructor will need time to describe on what you will be working in each class, please crate your dog in the training facility or stage your dog in your car at the start of each class and come into the Training Room without your dog.

The Equipment that you will need for each class is:

  • Flat Nylon or Leather Collar/Harness. Other than walking the dog into and out of the building, please do not use prong collars, Halti Head Collars, Gentle Leaders or Easy Walk Harnesses as one of the goals of this training is to get your dog working freely and independently.  While there is a place for these pieces of equipment, they tend to restrict the dog, both mentally and physically.  So, they are not appropriate to use while the dog is working.  Please select a flat nylon or leather collar for your dog that you will only use when training your dog.  A normal, well-fitted harness also is acceptable to use.
  • 6’ Leash. A light-weight leather or nylon leash of approximately 6’ in length.  Please make sure that there is nothing attached to the leash that could distract the dog.
  • 10’ – 12’ Leash. A light-weight leather or nylon leash of approximately 10’ to 12’ in length.
  • Please do not forget to bring water for your dog.
  • Salient Treats.  Because we are building your dog’s desire to hunt, it is VERY important that you bring rewards that your dog really, REALLY wants!!!  The more that the dog wants the reward, the more intense its hunting behavior will be.  So, do not bring plain, boring kibble or dog cookies, even if they are a high-end kibble or dog cookie.  Bring something that is moist. But, for health concerns, please do not bring raw meats to class.  Bring only cooked foods. Chop the treats up into small pieces and bring it all with you in a plastic Tupperware container. Bring approximately 1½ cups of treats.  If your dog is not a food dog, that is ok – bring that dog’s most “favored toy.”  If your dog wants that toy, we can utilize a toy in our training system as well. Also, make sure that whatever food you bring with you to reward your dog is VERY, VERY, VERY SMELLY!!! We do not want the dog to “wonder” what he is doing when he walks into the Training Room.  We want the odor of the reward food to “hit him in the face (so to speak)” so that he will “know” that his reward food is out there in the Training Room. All he will need to do is find it!!! And so, as any dog can find even a muffin crumb on the floor, this initial training will be easy!!! Please note that THE BEST reward food that you can use is Al Fresca Garlic Sausage and we STRONGLY encourage you to select this food when rewarding your dog.  It comes in packages of four sausages and is sold by Stop and Shop, Roche Brothers, Sudbury Farms etc.  Microwave all four sausages for 3 ½ minutes.  When cool, slice each sausage into four long lengths of equal size and then slice each long length into thin pieces.  Put all of the small pieces into one Tupperware container and bring that container with you to class.  Make sure that your dog KNOWS how wonderful this reward is by using it as a reward for some other behavior your dog knows well at home. For example, ask your dog to sit and then use the sausage to reward a great response. Al Fresca Garlic Sausage is a powerful reward food….so you should see your dog light up!!!! Once your dog knows how good Al Fresca Garlic Sausage is, only use this food when doing K9 Nose Work training.
  • Small Bait Bag: You will wear this bag from the start of classes and you will supplement the dog’s reward from your Bait Bag in later classes.
  • Two Small Metal Bowls. To keep things moving efficiently through the class, please bring two small metal bowls that do not exceed 6 inches wide or 3 inches high.  You will fill the bowls with your Salient Treats when you and your dog are “on deck.”
  • Motivated Dog. Again, since we are building your dog’s desire to hunt, it is ALSO VERY important that your dog is hungry when he comes to class and that he is not tired.  A dog that is “full” is not a dog that will want to work.  It will not hurt your dog to not feed it breakfast on the day you come to class and CERTAINLY don’t feed it dinner before trying to train.  Similarly, a dog that is tired is not a dog that will want to work.  So, please don’t take your dog on a long walk or play ball with it on the days you come to class.  We want a dog that wants to work!  So, keep your dog hungry and energized on the days you come to class and learning will go much faster!
  • After the first class, you will need to purchase 10 boxes for training at home.  The box should have a lid that can cover the entire top of the bottom portion of the box.  Staples’ white Mailing Boxes works perfectly but any set of identical boxes with lids will work!  The link for the boxes we use is: Keep one box as your Hot Box which you will use for your food reward.  Keep this box completely separate from the Cold, or neutral, Boxes.