Target Oils and Where to Buy Oils and Tins

I found this information on the NACSW Website:

To compete in the sport of K9 Nose Work®, dogs will need to transition from searching for food or toys to searching for a “target odor.” Target odors for competition in NACSW K9 Nose Work events are made using 100% cotton swabs, cut in half and scented with one of the three essential oils: Birch, Anise, and Clove.

Target odors are introduced in training in the following order:

Birch (“Sweet Birch” aka Betula Lenta)

Anise (“Aniseed” aka Pimpinella Anisum variety – NOT Star Anise, Illicium Verum)

Clove (“Clove Bud” aka Eugenia Caryophylatta or Syzgium Aromaticum)

All Good Dogs LLC:  If you’re looking for K9 Nose Work kits containing target odors and supplies, visit All Good Dogs LLC.   All Good Dogs LLC is an NACSW authorized vendor of K9 Nose Work products.  All Good Dogs is also the provider of the official odors and kits used in NACSW K9 Nose Work trials.

All Good Dogs, LLC Nose Work oils, scented cotton swabs and other accessories produced by All Good Dogs, LLC are to be used to train for success and fun in the sport and activity of K9 Nose Work! Cotton swabs may be used multiple times. Keep away from open flames and hot or cold temperature extremes. Please do not allow your dog to ingest the oils or other parts as they are not for human or animal consumption. If you have any other health concerns, please consult your Veterinarian.

Especially for Pets Sudbury-Academy, 424 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA also sells the correct essential oils.  Call the store at 978-443-7682 and ask to speak to Erin, the Store Manager, to make sure they have the oils in stock or to ask that they inter-store ship the oils to an Especially for Pets that maybe closer to where you live.

Also, Anne Steciw sells oils, qtips and tins.  You can contact Anne with the following email address: .

Additionally, Jane Nadelson sells these items as well.  Jane’s email address is .


Additional information about the oils:

For Birch (aka “Sweet Birch” or Betula Lenta):

Wyndmere  (Available at Whole Foods)

IN BULK: New Directions Aromatics Essential7 Pure Essential Inc. Aroma Therapy Outlet

For Anise (aka “Aniseseed” or Pimpinella Anisum):


Nature’s Alchemy Auracacia  (Available at Whole Foods)   IN BULK: Pure Essential Inc. Aroma Therapy Outlet New Directions Aromatics

For Clove (aka “Clove Bud” or Syzgium Aromaticum or Eugenia Caryophylatta):

Nature’s Alchemy Auracacia  (Available at Whole Foods)   IN BULK: Pure Essential Inc. Aroma Therapy Outlet New Directions Aromatics Essential7


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