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The photos appearing here are of my “Key Boxes” that I have modified to use as Reward Food or Scent Containers.  You can buy these particular Key Boxes at Lowes.  I use these Key Boxes to introduce Vehicle Searching on Primary.  When using these Key Boxes to introduce Vehicle Searching to your dog, I upwards of 8 Key Boxes along the front, one side and the rear of a vehicle.  This heavy-loading of source material creates dogs that really learn to “hoover” along the side of a vehicle.  I also use these Key Boxes in my Level V classes when I introduce the other various Scenting Venues on Odor.  So, I personally buy 8 of the Key Boxes at a time, but folks only need to buy the number they feel comfortable buying.  As you can see, I have modified the lids of each Key Box by drilling 8-10 holes in each lid.  I drill up to 4 lids at the same time.  I also purchase 8 small screw bolts and 8 matching screw nuts which I insert into one of the drill holes in each lid.  This make a little handle that I can use to open the lids, which can get very difficult to open when dogs drool over each box or when the boxes get slimed with reward food.

Alternately, if you are not handy, you can buy one of the metal tins that is photographed below from All Good Dogs!!

If you have any questions after reviewing the photos, just send me an email at!

Happy training!!!

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  1. When you say “This heavy-loading of source material” are you saying to each of the 8 tins around the front, side and rear of the vehicle have odor in them?

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