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Self-Rewarding and Supplementally-Rewarding

The question was posed as to whether one would both pair and then subsequently reward from handler. 888888888888888888 This was my response: There are many, many ways to train a detection dog.  And some ways work for some dogs and

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Using a Ball or Tug as the Primary Reward

In K9 Nose Work, you can use either food or toys as the primary reward.  The key is to select the one that your dog really really likes.  There are many ways to use a toy reward to put value

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Thoughts on Rewards/When to Intervene on the Inexperienced Dog vs Experienced Dog

I was looking for a specific email I wrote and found this old post I wrote in response to someone’s multi-question when to intervene in a problem he set up for an inexperienced dog versus and experienced dog. I thought

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Use of Your Voice in Detection Dog Training

In March 2010, I sent the following post to my students and, as I was asked today about my thoughts about the use of the voice in detection dog training, I thought I would repost this email again: **************** Good

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Lingering Odor/Fringe Odor/Going to Source

I had an inquiry from a person whose dog was alerting on “lingering odor” and wanted to know the difference between “lingering odor” and “fringe odor.” Also, this person was confused about what it meant to “go to source.” So,

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Pawing, Digging, Retrieving and Otherwise Engaging Aggressively with a Source/Box

While crushing a box while searching or when making a find – or picking up the box and retrieving it to you — is a training issue, your dog doing so at an ORT will not be grounds for dismissal

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Aging Hides/Intensities

In my classes, I routinely change out the Q-tips in my tins so that the dogs that work with me are constantly being exposed to different intensities of scent.  We also have training drills where I set up problems with

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Ability To Follow Scent to Source

One of the questions I repeatedly get asked is, “Can the dog really follow scent back to source?” Another variation is, “How can the dog know to leave lingering odor (i.e., where the source once was) and move to where

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Mock trials

I have had it on my to-do list to respond to Ron’s reminder about keeping Mock Trials fun and that is certainly what we have tried to do up here in Massachusetts in all our Mock Trials. We want everyone to leave

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Dumpster drills

Question from a K9 Nose Work student: Hi Gail, I am in WI and not familiar with your Dumpster Diving Drill. Could you please explain this to me? Many thanks! Gail’s response: To build drive and focus – and also to

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