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Apr 3,2020 - Jun 3,2020    Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 am

REMOTE TRAINING CLASSES Similar to “Phone Consultation/Remote Coaching,” Scentinel Nose Work Dog Training offers “Remote Training Classes” to a group of handlers who are already doing search problems. Each week, I will supply the class with descriptions of the set-ups that I would like each handler to do with their dog during the week.  The set-ups will focus on different kinds of searches commensurate with the level of each student in the class. I ask that each search be videotaped and the group will watch the videos in a Zoom Meeting that I will schedule each week.  This class closely duplicates a "normal training class."  The minimum number of students for this type of class is three students.  For this type of "Remote Training Classes" (including one Zoom Meeting per week with video review), I charge a set fee of $30 per student in the class per week with a one hour weekly Zoom Meeting.  


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