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Apr 2,2020 - Jun 2,2020    Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 am

PHONE CONSULTATION/REMOTE COACHING Scentinel Nose Work Dog Training offers “Phone Consultation/Remote Coaching” to handlers who are already doing search problems. When these handlers first sign up for our “Remote Training,” I ask them to videotape a search problem in each of the four NACSW elements and to send the videotapes to me for review.  I then critique the performance of the dog and handler team, usually by phone. Based on the training goals of a handler, I describe various training “set ups” to help the dog team achieve, or to further, their training goals in any or all of four NACSW elements. This form of “Phone Consultation/Remote Coaching” has proven to be very helpful to handlers who want to compete, as well as to dog owners who use this sport as an “enrichment activity” for themselves and for their dogs, as both types of handlers want to learn more about how to “set up” search problems appropriate for their dog’s level and to build a stronger working performance in their “already successful” working dog. However, we have found my “Phone Consultation/Remote Coaching” to be extremely helpful to handlers who compete their dogs but whose performance has somehow “gone south” or is simply not at the level desired by the handler. There is so much that goes into the training of a strong, working detection dog team and in the development of that trusting, reliable relationship which is so important to competing successfully. Unfortunately, a high level of performance is not “static” and can decline for many reasons. Maybe it is because a dog is struggling with working out the complexities of pooling odor. Maybe it is because a dog has lost its “focus” or “drive” for the work.  Or, maybe it is because the handler is having difficulty “reading” their dog. Given the many years I have been training detection dogs, I have gained the experience, knowledge, and the “eye,” to help such dog teams and I am  often able to give a handler information necessary to resolve these particular training problems as well as many others. While there are no “quick, easy fixes” when things break down, there are many dog teams competing successfully today who have benefited from my “Phone Consultation/Remote Coaching” and I look forward to sharing my  knowledge with other dog teams in the future!  For this type of Video Consultation/Remote Coaching" (including a phone consultation with no video review in order to discuss a particular training problem or issue), I charge a set fee of $65 for thirty minutes.


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