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Apr 2,2020 - Jun 2,2020    Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 am

REMOTE FOUNDATIONAL TRAINING FOR NOVICE DOGS (or dogs that handlers want to “restart"): Over the years, I have developed a powerful system of detection dog training which has been successfully followed by many dog teams.  Through  my “Remote Foundational Training,” I am able to share my Training Plan with individuals who are not in my area but who want to start their dogs in K9 Nose Work, or who believe their dogs’ current foundational training needs some "retooling."  I have written training plans for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Please check out my class descriptions on my website ( to see the progression of my classes to Level 5. When you first sign up for Scentinel Nose Work's "Remote Foundational Training” with a novice dog, or with a dog that you would like to “restart,” I will send to you one written lesson plan a week covering the first six weeks of Level 1. I then will ask you to send to me a short video of each week’s training which I will critique.  As much of Level 2 is venue-based, I have videos or photographs that I will share and discuss with you for all of the different venues which I introduce in Level 2. Then, when moving your dog on to “odor,” I have written lesson plans covering Levels 3 and 4 where handlers are instructed how to introduce the three NACSW-target odors to their dogs.  Finally, I also have written lesson plans for Level 5 where the dog is educated as to what they are to find and to tell you about.  Each of these Levels spans a six-week period and handlers will be sent one lesson plan a week and are asked to send to me one video which I will verbally critique. As a student is getting much of the same information “remotely” for each Level as they would have gotten in class with me, I therefore charge my regular fee of $180 per six-week session as it is the “information you get each week” that is key, and not necessarily the number of runs I see you do.  As Ron Gaunt, a Master Trainer and Co-Founder of the Sport of K9 Nose Work, used to say, “I do not train your dog.  I train you to train your dog.” My form of "Remote Foundational Training" teaches you “how to train your dog.”


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